• Monitor carbon footprintCheck and reduce in real time your indoor carbon footprint.
  • Reduce energy billsSave up to 15% on your electricity, water and gas bills
  • Check the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)Get in-depth measurements of your IAQ.
  • Secure your householdBe alerted by email or SMS in case of intrusion, flood, fire …
Design and manufacturing expertise on connected objects for data measurement

Know how

HDSN aims to become the leading smart home system provider. With HDeCare and e-sylife, HDSN offers to professionals and mass-market an object-connected system for home monitoring and real-time alert management. Designed to be plug-and-play and easy-to-use, it perfectly fits into any environment.

  • Cost control: 88% of homeowners are concerned about their energy consumption control.
  • Comfort improvement: air pollution is responsible of 30% of population allergies.
  • Security Reinforcement: 47% of homeowners are concerned about their property security.
  • A 100% French solution in accordance with international standards

About Us

A company with an ambitious project

Founded by a team of seasoned engineers, HDSN is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of monitoring and alert systems for homes.

In line with household concerns, HDSN offers HDeCare and e-sylife, eco-friendly and scalable solutions.

A complementary team.

Together, Frédéric Bonnard and Vincent Honoré founded HDSN in 2011. Joined by two other associates in 2013, the team now counts ten people. More Information +