A company with an ambitious project.

Founded by a team of seasoned engineers, HDSN is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of monitoring and alert systems for industries and homes.

After developing HDeCare, solution dedicated to professionals, HDSN has launched e-sylife, for the mass-market.. Made in France, the solutions are compatible with international standards and CE certified.

Offering the market an all-in-one easy-to-use smart-home solution, HDSN enjoys a unique position, focusing on welfare, comfort, safety and energy costs control.

Supported by several institutional financial partner, HDSN aims to become the world leader in the home monitoring systems.


The automated manufacturing line

Focus on the management team …

The complementarity of an experienced and committed management team:

  • Frédéric Bonnard, founder of HDSN, R&D Director

“industrial computing” Engineer, Frédéric Bonnard is an entrepreneur at heart. In 1988 he founded the ESPAS company, specializing in the manufacturing and sales of computers. The adventure is a success : 150 K€ equity, 160 employees, a subsidiary in Spain … Frédéric sold out this successful company in 1995 and became Technical Director of a Formula 3 team, and last in a large group in the chemical sector. Founding director of HDSN and R&D Director, Frédéric Bonnard brings to HDSN ® his advanced knowledge in industrial telemetry.

  • Vincent Honoré, Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Director

National School of Industrial Chemistry Engineer, Vincent HONORÉ has multiplied training and qualifications for 17 years. In marine brigade of Marseille, he rose through the ranks and became Lieutenant-Colonel of professional firefighters, leader of the Aix-en-Provence main relief center. Field man and leader, he leverages his expertise in management, human resources management and project management...

Alongside them:

  • Daniel Moustrou, Technical Director in charge of manufacturing

Expert in metrology and team management, Daniel Moustrou has worked for a long time in the French Air Force. After holding responsibility positions within the Eurotunnel group, he decided to create Sen No Sen, a professional coaching company. Then, he joined HDSN where he has brought his technical expertise.

  • Thierry Debeaud, Sales and Marketing Director

Supélec and ESSEC Master of Marketing graduate, Thierry Debeaud has over 25 years of experience in business development. Since 2007 he supports SME managers thru Delta Creis company. Expert in strategy and business development, he naturally joined HDSN in 2013.