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Industry, data centres, mass retailing, warehousing, transport of goods and people, small and medium-sized companies, major groups: all businesses are affected by electrical risks.

E-Predict protects new or retrofitted electrical cabinets, because wear and tear make installations more vulnerable to electrical incidents.

Securing production facilities

70% of companies affected by a major disaster cease to exist in the ensuing months.

  • vulnerability rate
  • synthetic rate of return (supply chain)

400,000 cases of electrical damage per year

the causes:
component failure electrical fault

Source: National Observatory for Electrical Safety (ONSE)

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Safety, aeronautics sector’s DNA.

Aeronautics is at the origin of digital operational models, for flexible and sustainable production sites. Connected devices and sensors optimise all operations and increase the overall efficiency of the supply chain. The focus is on preserving production facilities and ensuring their continuity of operation.

“The assessment and management of HSE – Health, Safety and Environment – risks are essential tools for implementing the prevention and protection measures that are vital for any industrial or technological activity smooth running”

INERIS – French National Institute for the Industrial Environment and Risks

Sometimes dramatic human consequences

Critical financial losses and production stoppages

10/01/2021 -  France Marignane 13 Fire on an aerospace construction site

“At around 6.00 am on a Sunday, a fire broke out (…) The workshop’s part housing the surface treatment lines and tanks was destroyed. Material damage is estimated at €11 million. 35 people are out of work and the shutdown of the workshop responsible for a key stage in the process could jeopardise the entire activity of the site, which employs 10,000 people (…) The fire was caused by an electrical fault, either in an electrical control cabinet located near the treatment line, or directly on one of the treatment lines…”.

Industrial Risks and Pollution analyse office(BARPI)

Industryfor a resilient and sustainable supply chain

Predicting future stoppages and breakdowns caused by ageing electrical switchboards, acquiring new anticipation and risks’ control, reducing the production lines’ downtime and vulnerability rate: all our customers are faced with the constant challenge of making their production processes more reliable.

Technological prediction helps to increase product availability while reducing the need of costly preventive and remedial action.
You reduce your operating costs (OPEX) and extend the life of your investments (CAPEX).

GOOD TO KNOW: in LEAN management, the TRS indicates performance level achieved. But the production system’s efficiency depends directly on TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), which has been improved thanks to predictive maintenance technologies and a better understanding of the losses’ causes by detecting phenomena that are not perceptible to humans.

Today, we install E-PREDICT technology in our customers’ cabinets to anticipate electrical malfunctions. This technology meets all the expectations of manufacturers in terms of continuity of service.

This solution is quick and easy to install in existing installations.”

Patrice Fortea Business Unit Manager
Reference partner

SOCOTEC : « Predicting the start of an electrical fire

Traditional fire safety systems issue alerts in the event of smoke or a rise in temperature.
Connected sensors can read another series of data: the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in the electrical cabinet. It is now possible to intervene well before a fire starts.
Even up to two weeks before the incident.
This level of prediction is simply a revolution in terms of preventing the risk of electrical fires.
. »

source :

Making the supply chain’s synthetic rate of return (SRR) more reliable

30% of fires are thought to be of electrical origin”.

Source:INRS (Institut national de recherche et de sécurité)

Reducing vulnerability

“7% of electrical fires occur on production sites”
Source :
Source :MMA Enterprise request a quote.


HDSN technology offers real added value in supporting companies in their CSR approach, not only in terms of
immediate and direct issues, but also in terms of post-disaster planning and the impact on the environment.
Breakdowns can lead to fire, with dramatic consequences. The operating losses, the damage to be covered and the economic repercussions are considerable.

To combat potential fires, it is therefore vital to act upstream.

50% of businesses that suffer a fire disappear within five years“.

AXA assurances –

Predictive model

Reduce damage and operating losses


Protect the business

Reduce operational costs and risks

Social and environmental responsibility

«Corporate responsibility is at the heart of our vision.
It is the driving force behind our brand values, customer satisfaction and employee commitment. Because it is
central to the management of risks and opportunities, it enables us to reduce our operating expenses and risks,
and to seize opportunities in emerging countries business segments »

Source : AXA –

Local authorities

According to a Fédération of French Cities’ study, “the performance of the services offered by a city can be
developed along three axes: improving services to citizens and their accessibility, controlling environmental
impact, and rethinking models of access to resources.

The city must optimise the use of its infrastructure (its physical capital), ensure the availability and quality of the services offered by the municipality and its citizens (social capital) and promote its ecological policy (environmental capital). These different assets contribute to the attractiveness of the towns and cities that implement them”.

While priority should be given to protecting public buildings, any disruption to a service (for example, a nursery or a school whose electrical system is destroyed, necessitating a suspension of activities) has a worrying impact on the organisation of daily life for local residents.

Establishments open to the public (ERP)
The maintenance technician:
“I received several alerts but didn’t notice anything abnormal in the cabinet protected by E-PREDICT. So, I did a thermography of the cabinet: there was a worrying abnormal heating of a telephone transmitter. I remedied the problem, and everything went back to normal, with no damage to the equipment. We were able to rectify the fault well before any major damage appeared.

Our customer: a French leader in energy efficiency activities for local authorities, industry and businesses

Protect people and their environment.

Ensuring continuity of public service

DatacentersInformation and knowledge companies

Whether it is solutions developed for customers, hosted in a datacentre cloud or simply your own knowledge databases, data is a strategic asset.

Their disappearance and the resulting service failures have major consequences : merchant site unavailability, an ERp or a Crm, lost data that cannot be reproduced, dissatisfaction and loss of customers- in the case of data centres, several thousand customers may be affected,etc.
GOOD TO KNOW: many insurers exclude damage caused by a third-party company from their cover. Data loss is
not covered by comprehensive business insurance or civil liability. Companies that have taken out “Cyber”
insurance are no better covered, since data loss is one of the exclusions

“The E-Predict sensors protect all our electrical cabinets. It’s very reassuring for us to have a constant eye on the
constants of our equipment, and to know that we’ll be alerted in real time in the event of a fault”

Free Pro – Groupe iliad

An ultra-sensitive environment

« We operate in a highly sensitive industrial environment, and to guarantee the safety of our installations we chose to install E-PREDICT Spectre sensors. This enables us to detect the slightest suspicious heat, solvents and the emanation of unusual substances, and thus to trigger alerts »

Jaguar Network – BU Datacenter

Safety of protected installations

Preserving your data capital

Arts and Craft

According to a study carried out by MAPA Assurances in 2018, based on claims reported by MAPA members in the sector, bakeries and confectioners were the main victims of electrical damage.

However, the annual breakdown of material damage claims is not proportional to their cost.
The costliest claim for a bakery-pastry shop is fire.

At 4% in 2018, fire is one of the least frequent material losses.
It is yet the costliest occupational hazard, with an average cost of €27,500 for a bakery and pastry shop, compared with €1,000 for electrical damage.

“Although fire is the least frequent type of damage in bakeries, it is the most expensive… 30 times less frequent than electrical damage, it is 30 times more expensive! Not to mention the fact that most bakers who have experienced such an incident, if not properly supported, stop their business afterwards. But solutions do exist…”

Source :

Protecting production facilities, at the heart of the business

The production chain is directly exposed in the craft industry.

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