Predictive technology 4.0

Predictive maintenance


24/7 pro-active solution.
Early, targeted, and efficient intervention.
Preventing operational breakdowns.
And, mitigating potential damages before they occur.

Artificial intelligence&Integrated algorithms

Plug and play wiredconnection installation

e predict hdsn : une technologie predictive

Unique know-how&Patented system

smartphone AAP installationReal-time fleet status

Intelligence Artificielle
Algorithmes intégrés

Installation Plug and Play
IoT connecté ou Filaire

E·predict boitier hdsn

Savoir-faire unique & Système breveté

APP d’installation et supervision sur smartphone, en temps réel

Think pre-loss

E-predict is the solution for early, targeted and effective intervention
Before operational failures
Before damage

Intelligence Artificielle&Algorithmes intégrés

Installation Plug and PlayIoT connecté ou filaire

E·predict boitier hdsn

Savoir-faire unique&Système breveté

APP d'installation et supervisionsur smartphone, en temps réel

Artificial intelligence
Integrated algorithms

Plus and Play installation
IoT connected or wired

E·predict boitier hdsn

Unique know-how & Patented system

Installation and supervision app on smartphone, in real time

High predictive technology

HDSN expertise: E-PREDICT

a concentrate of technologies


Collect and analyse the atmosphere within the electrical cabinet.

(AI) Artificial Intelligence

Analyses micro-particles and gases in electrical cabinet in real time


Identify the physico-chemical fingerprints that warn for electrical defaults.

Digitalisation the 4.0 company

Multiple communication solution to fit your needs.

Wired connection with a dry contact to activate an external warning device or PLC, fully compatible with standards regulatory requirements. Within our fully private architecture, all components are confined to the customer’s environment, integrated into their electronics or our HMI, ensuring privacy. In addition, alarming can be sent externally using complementary M2M type devices with the APPREDICT.

And on your smartphone with the APP HDSN

The information gathered during the installation process is inputted into the application, enabling an automatic generation of a comprehensive status report on the installed base. This report provides an overview of the protected cabinets and their respective locations across different sites.

The era of predictive maintenance

 Issues are pointed out proactively to prevent breakdowns and minimize damages, optimizing intervention times. This ensures uninterrupted business continuity, leading to customer satisfaction.