Innovation and predictive technology for fire detection in our data centers

As a world leader in data centres, our absolute priority is to offer our customers a reliable and secure infrastructure. HDSN’s E-PREDICT solution is an innovative way of preventing electrical fires. Thanks to this predictive technology, we are able to identify and intervene at an extremely early stage on any abnormal heating in our electrical cabinets, enabling us to detect a fire well in advance and reduce the risks.

This choice of technology reflects our ongoing commitment to protecting our customers’ data by maintaining the highest standards of security and business continuity. At the same time, it complements the best practices we are putting in place to reduce the environmental impact of our data centres in France: eco-designed, produced in France, refurbishable and using recyclable materials, its use avoids the increase in electricity consumption associated with equipment heating up. This innovation ultimately serves a dual objective: to protect our customers’ data, while limiting its ecological cost.


DIGITAL REALTY in figures :

+300 data centers


In 50


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