Anticipating fires up to several days in advance

As an integrator, our main objective is to provide our industrial customers with a reliable and effective solution for preventing fires in their electrical cabinets. However, incipient electrical fires are often detected late, sometimes resulting in the destruction of the enclosure, operational stoppages and the spread of the fire to other parts of the building.

Current monitoring systems detect fires in their growth phase, but are unable to detect the warning signals of an imminent fire risk.

E-PREDICT is able to detect phenomena that may indicate a risk of fire, whether it’s an overload on a cable, overvoltage, poor tightening, an electric arc, an electrical leak or any other malfunction. This enables us to anticipate fires up to several days in advance.

Convinced of the benefits of E-PREDICT in making our industrial customers’ processes more reliable, we worked closely with HDSN to develop a dry contact version of E-PREDICT that enables manufacturers to easily integrate the system into existing installations, such as PLCs or fault chains, without having to make major modifications.

E-PREDICT dry contact is a real revolution for manufacturers. It offers essential preventive protection for the safety of our customers’ installations.

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