An unrivalled high-end offering

Our know-how and designs make it possible to reduce and eliminate the risk of internal explosion, outbreaks of fire on power spindles, areas inaccessible to thermography and the risk of electrification/electrocution.

Our expertise: protecting operating and maintenance teams with unique solutions that improve processes and reduce traditional maintenance costs.

By natively integrating E-PREDICT active and predictive safety technology, we provide the most demanding operators and industrialists with an unrivalled high-end offering.

RITTAL – world leader in premium electrical cabinets – and ECC Concept – leader in ultra-high security electrical switchboards – are developing technologies to minimize human and industrial risks.”

Chairman, ECC Concept

Dominique Manet
General Manager RITTAL France

RITTAL in figures :


patents filed

+ 12 500


3 Mds €

in sales in 2023


ECC is the designer of the Ri4Power IS333 solution, which incorporates unique technologies for active protection against Flash Arcs, high-reliability unplugging and real-time multipoint temperature monitoring, with a design focused on preserving IP throughout all phases of operation.

The certifications issued by CNPP Cert. are recognitions and passports of trust attested by a third party as part of a collective approach.

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As a long-standing player in steel processing, the FORLAM Group is constantly innovating to keep pace with major industrial changes.

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