“Verlingue’s engineering department keeps abreast of the latest technological developments in order to better support its customers. That’s why we were interested in the innovative E-Predict technology.

Electrical fires remain a recurrent cause of claims. In addition to material damage, they often lead to business stoppages, especially if the damaged electrical equipment is of strategic importance (electrical cabinets, PLCs, etc.).

To date, electrical risk management involves a high level of maintenance (essential) and, in some cases, detection and protection systems. These traditional systems detect fires (smoke, heat) when they are in their growth phase, more or less quickly.

At best, the fire will be confined to the cabinet, resulting in its partial destruction.
At worst, if protection is absent or ineffective, the fire can spread throughout the building.

In some cases, the financial implications of destroying electrical equipment are unacceptable.

E-Predict sensors collect a different set of data from traditional systems, namely gases, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and micro-particles. As this phenomenon can appear several days/weeks before ignition, it is now possible to intervene well before a fire starts. It’s this very early onset that we found so interesting.

Roland Baudu
Manager Prévention / Loss control manager

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